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We have a fleet of Cherry Picker vehicles with reaches of up to 26 meters high. These vehicles range from smaller van based Cherry Pickers up to our largest HGV cherry picker. This enables us to complete many repairs quickly and effeciently on buildings up to 7 storey's high without the need to erect scaffolding. This can save time, as well as often making sure that we make the repairs before further damage can be done by leaks, thus saving our clients money in further repairs.

All of our staff have passed their Plant Master training to use these Cherry Pickers and are competent in all of their functions.

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24 hour emergency call outs and dangerous structures

Our fleet of Cherry Pickers are available 24 hours a day for emergency roof repairs and leaks. We are also available to assist with dangerous structures - for example slipped tiles, high level broken windows, falling roof debris etc. We can be called out and will ensure that the property is made safe immediately.


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